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Can You Buy Cuban Cigars in the Cayman Islands?

cuban cigars

Cuban cigars have long reigned as some of the world’s most sought-after cigars. This is due in part to their classic flavor profiles and the mystique of the island. However, recent years have brought intense challenges for Cuba’s cigar industry that restrict supply, raise prices, and increase counterfeiting. 

What are Cuban Cigars?

Cigars had already been in use long before the first European exposure to cigars came with the voyages of Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago. Those early cigars were simply tobacco rolled into corn husks or thick leaves. Cigars continued to evolve, emerging from the 19th Century as the cigars of today. Yet throughout the years, defining just what is a Cuban cigar often gets lost in the shuffle. So, today’s Cuban cigars can be defined as cigars made entirely within Cuba using only Cuban tobacco.

Cuba’s location and fertile soil are ideally suited for cultivating rich and flavorful tobacco. However, Cuba’s reliance on its own crops has severely limited its ability to keep up with other cigar-producing countries. In contrast, non-Cuban cigar makers, such as Cayman Cigar Company, can create premium blends from tobacco-growing regions worldwide, better catering to demand, high-quality standards, and the evolving tastes of modern cigar aficionados. 

Why are Cuban Cigars Hard to Find? Are Cuban Cigars illegal?

Cuban cigars had already achieved worldwide acclaim before the Cuban Revolution of the 1950s. Yet with the rise of Fidel Castro came a devastating US trade embargo. A ban on Cuban cigar sales has persisted within the US since the 1960s-era embargo was put in place. (U.S. President John F. Kennedy famously initiated the Cuban trade embargo–but not before ordering 1000 boxes of his favorite Cuban cigars)! Cigar lovers are occasionally teased with a partial lifting of the ban, yet current restrictions are as tight as ever. 

Closing off the American market helped make Cuban cigars illegal and a “forbidden fruit” in the eyes of cigar lovers, driving up demand and adding to the Cuban cigar mystique. Yet today, the Cuban cigar industry struggles to supply worldwide demand. Climate concerns, damaged crops, pandemic lockdowns, and other factors have severely limited Cuba’s cigar production levels. Cuba has responded to cigar shortages with steep price increases. As a result, counterfeiting illegal Cuban cigars has become more problematic than ever due to shortages and inflated prices. This makes for an extremely difficult time for cigar enthusiasts to find authentic Cuban cigars in the Cayman Islands and around the world.

Can You Buy Or Sell Cuban Cigars in the Cayman Islands?

You can find Cuban cigars in the Cayman Islands, yet only the most reputable dealers can guarantee you get a real Cuban cigar, not a counterfeit. Expect to pay higher prices for genuine Cuban cigars if you are lucky enough to find any in stock. So, yes, you can buy Cuban cigars in the Cayman Islands, yet handmade premium options from the Cayman Cigar Collection offer greater smoothness, complexity, and taste than Cubans.

Cayman Cigar Company’s Cigars are a Great Option

While the Cuban cigar legacy remains unquestioned, the challenges the Cuban cigar industry faces have reduced its world cigar dominance. This is reason enough to look to Cayman Cigar Company for a better alternative to Cuban cigars. Yet there is more to what makes Cayman cigars a most rewarding choice. 

Top quality tobacco blends, classic rolling techniques, and a charitable mission propel Cayman Cigars to the head of the class. Each Cayman cigar features the world’s best-aged whole leaf tobaccos, which are put into the hands of an expert cigar-making team headed by two Cuban- trained Torcedoras (Master Rollers). The results are luxurious cigars with the complexity and exceptional character that Cuban cigar connoisseurs love. In addition, Cayman cigars are handcrafted exclusively in Grand Cayman and available worldwide, even in the US.

Yet what truly sets Cayman Cigar Company apart is the company’s founding principle to donate 100% of net profits to charity to help support those in need. No other cigars today can say that, not even those legendary Cubans. So, every Cayman cigar you purchase helps build a more hopeful future for others and gives you a purposeful, more gratifying cigar smoking experience.

The Cayman Cigar Era Has Arrived

With a tip of our hat (and a tap of our ash), Cayman Cigar Company recognizes and celebrates the Old World cigars and cigar makers like Cohiba, Romeo Y Julieta, Montecristo, and the rest of the people and companies that made Cuba famous. Yet a “New World” of cigars is emerging out of the past, with exciting new tobacco growing areas and improved farming techniques. It’s time to get excited about the future of New World premium cigars. Now any search for the best premium cigars starts and ends with Cayman Cigars. So, treat yourself to a better cigar smoking experience and shop Cayman Cigars today.


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