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Can You Buy Cuban Cigars in the Cayman Islands?

cuban cigars

Cuban cigars have long reigned as some of the world’s most sought-after cigars. This is due in part to their classic flavor profiles and the mystique of the island. However, recent years have brought intense challenges for Cuba’s cigar industry that restrict supply, raise prices, and increase counterfeiting.  What are Cuban Cigars? Cigars had already […]

Premium Cigars That Make No Apology

cayman cigar premium cigar

Cayman Cigar Company is home to premium cigars, hand-rolled for cigar lovers who demand the best. Our pursuit of quality reflects our commitment to sourcing the best local tobaccos and making small quantities of cigars. We will not compromise quality and taste when creating the finest handmade cigars in the world. So, join us as […]

An Introduction To The Sovereign Cigar Collection

Cayman Cigar Company’s Sovereign Cigar Collection offers a range of richly complex and savory smokes ideally suited for all cigar lovers, from curious beginners to experienced connoisseurs. So, explore the Sovereign Cigar Collection to learn why smoking a Sovereign cigar makes good sense and how smoking them makes the world a better place. What is […]

Cayman Cigars: All to Nonprofits

cayman cigars

Cayman Cigar Company is more than just a business. Apart from selling world-class artisanal cigars, it also functions as a non-profit. All profits are donations to charities and organizations with involvement in honorable missions. This is in order to stay true to the principles that made Cayman Cigars a reality. While we love to talk up […]

What’s So Special About The Cayman Islands & Cayman Cigars


Cayman Cigar Company is dedicated to sharing a taste of the island lifestyle through our hand-rolled premium cigars while giving back to our community, our island, and our world. The Cayman Islands are at the heart and soul of everything we do, and our premium tobaccos, classically trained Torcedoras (Master Rollers), and “Cayman Kind” island […]

Cigar Lovers: One of Our Own Needs Your Help!

We are reaching out to you, our cigar-loving friends, to ask for help in supporting one of our dearest team members, Jason Panulde. He has suffered two debilitating strokes that have left him in critical condition. Two surgeries have been performed to reduce swelling around his brain, and he is showing signs of improvement. However, […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Throughout our lives, we are taught many wonderful lessons about honoring and appreciating women, especially our mothers. But as men, we sometimes minimize or overlook that unique familial love and intrinsic relationship, the bond of a son with his father. It has been said that a father’s son is the best assurance of immortality; and, […]

A beacon of modern agriculture- Cayman Compass

Take a look at this video on Cayman Compass as our Chairman, Granger Haugh, shows the farms of Beacon Farms and talks about how they are helping people through addiction recovery. “The next brainchild for the farm was cigar tobacco, which Haugh says he believes has never been grown commercially in Cayman, though it has proven to be a […]


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