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Happy Father’s Day!

Throughout our lives, we are taught many wonderful lessons about honoring and appreciating women, especially our mothers. But as men, we sometimes minimize or overlook that unique familial love and intrinsic relationship, the bond of a son with his father. It has been said that a father’s son is the best assurance of immortality; and, that a father wants to leave the best parts of himself with his son. I know this to be true. I am blessed to have such a father and namesake. His name is Granger, and he is the founder of Cayman Cigar Company, and so much more.

My life’s journey began some fifty-seven years ago. From that day, Dad’s class was in session, and my learning began. It was my father who worked long and hard so that I might have the opportunities that he never had. It was he who sacrificed so that I benefitted. It was he who taught me the lessons of fairness and generosity. That being happy means sometimes accepting less than my fair share of praise and more than my fair share of blame.

I was the apt pupil who learned that keeping your word, working hard, and giving back to those less fortunate were a recipe for a life well lived. Throughout my life I have earned trophies for service, accolades for various accomplishments and tokens of appreciation from many people. The best token of gratitude I can give my father is to live up to the principles for which he stands, and the values he instills. Every day.

In celebration of Father’s Day, and to honor my father and yours, I will write a few thoughts about my dad Granger in the coming months, sharing our journey of discovery, beneficence and how we came to create this wonderful company that is poised to do so much good for the world.

I wish you an incredibly happy Father’s, Father Figure, Coach, Uncle, Grandfather, or the man who taught you to be the man you are today, Day.

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