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What’s So Special About The Cayman Islands & Cayman Cigars


Cayman Cigar Company is dedicated to sharing a taste of the island lifestyle through our hand-rolled premium cigars while giving back to our community, our island, and our world. The Cayman Islands are at the heart and soul of everything we do, and our premium tobaccos, classically trained Torcedoras (Master Rollers), and “Cayman Kind” island spirit make our cigars truly special.

Why the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands may not be the first place that springs to mind in discussions about premium cigars, but we are already generating conversations and excitement as our highly rated cigars gain worldwide acclaim. So, why set up shop in Grand Cayman instead of more established cigar-producing regions?

Cayman Cigars are borne out of the partnership between our chairman Granger Haugh and Co-Founder John Lemuel “Lem” Hurlston. Granger’s longtime affiliation with Caymanian residents and his passion for helping those in need found a perfect match in native Caymanian Lem’s leadership and local pride.

Together, Granger and Lem developed a unique business model that envisioned making the finest hand-rolled cigars that would, in turn, help charitable organizations in Grand Cayman and beyond our borders. With Haugh’s son Scott coming on board as a director, the model is destined for success. Our access to top-quality Caribbean tobaccos, our passion for making the world’s most exclusive cigars, our mission of giving back to our world, and our commitment to improving and enhancing our island home, made our decision to headquarters in Grand Cayman an easy one.

The Mission of Cayman Cigar, The Non-Profit Cigar Company

Cayman Cigar Company’s mission is simple: Make world-class premium cigars and help others. We are proud that Cayman Cigar Company is the world’s first premium cigar company to donate 100% of all net profits to charity. However, that is only part of our story. Our goals only become reality through the strong support of our nonprofit partner Beacon Farms, which is growing the first large-scale experimental tobacco crops in Grand Cayman. Our findings indicate we are on track to soon begin blending our own “Cayman Grown” tobaccos into our cigars.

We are also proud to support these charitable partnerships in the United States through a unique entrepreneurial program:

  • National Warplane Museum
  • Knights Templar The Raymond Davis Templar Foundation
  • Knights Antiquity Historical Society (KAHS)
  • Smoking Shields – Maryland Chapter
  • Smoking Shields – Florida Chapter

From developing better farming techniques and providing greater opportunities for marginalized peoples to building a better tomorrow for those in recovery, those with developmental disorders, US veterans, and our youth, your purchase of Cayman cigars makes a difference. 

What Sets Cayman Cigar Company Apart

The Cayman Islands spirit is at the heart of every one of our cigars. This spirit of innovation, positivity, and cooperation sets us apart. Combined with the highest quality tobaccos, master-cigar rollers, and intense quality control, this spirit creates a cigar-smoking experience found nowhere else today.

We continue to develop our Cayman-grown tobacco program and also utilize the finest tobaccos from the world’s most prestigious tobacco-growing regions. These tobaccos are placed into the expert hands of our cigar-rolling team. The Cayman Cigar Company is blessed to have two of the best cigar-makers in the business leading the way, master rollers Barbara Anselmo and Maria Delvis Hernandez.

The Cayman Cigars team strives only for excellence, from our tobacco farmers to our cigar-rollers. You’ll taste the difference in every Cayman cigar and, knowing that 100% of net proceeds go to charity, savor the most gratifying smoke found anywhere.

The Best Cigar Next To A Cuban: Your Search Ends With Cayman Cigars

Cayman cigars are exquisitely crafted to be the best hand-rolled premium cigars in the world. Each cigar offers an approachable, smooth character ideal for curious first-timers yet with all the richness and complexity experienced palates demand. In addition, if you are a Cuban cigar enthusiast searching for an alternative to the high-priced, difficult-to-procure, and hit-or-miss quality of Cuban cigars, then search no further than our Cayman Cigar collection.

Cayman cigar lovers are often overheard proclaiming Cayman cigars are the most like Cuban cigars they have ever smoked. Our mission is not to create the best cigar next to Cubans but the best cigar. Period. So, here is a look at our current Cayman cigar line-up to help you find the right Cayman cigar for your tastes.

Sovereign No. 1 Collection

These medium-bodied smokes feature Cuban seed Criollo Volado, Seco, and Ligero long-leaf tobaccos, covered in a velvety Brazilian Bahia Sumatra wrapper leaf. Savory yet balanced, each Sovereign No. 1 offers supple hints of cardamon and black pepper with prominent dark cocoa notes.

Sovereign No. 2 Collection

These silky smokes – Collection No. 2 – demonstrate the mellower side of our premium tobaccos, offering a luxurious mouthfeel and balanced character. Rich sandalwood notes are joined by a ribbon of nuttiness and a splash of vanilla throughout. A great choice as a first step into the world of Cayman cigars. 

Sovereign No. 3 Collection

The boldest experience within the Sovereign Collection is No. 3, each richly complex smoke is built around lively Cuban seed Criollo and Brazilian long leaf tobaccos wrapped in a dark Brazilian Arapiraca leaf. The thick smoke is highlighted by roasted espresso, earth, and spice notes that build to a zesty finish.


The Caravel offers refinement and complexity with its luxurious Cuban seed and Brazilian long leaf fillers and a Connecticut Capa Alto wrapper. The palate is kept busy with bold stokes of nuts and cream. Like the sailing ships for which it is named, the Caravel cigar is adventurous, nimble, and balanced. 


Like any good diplomat, our Diplomat cigar balances the strength of character with tact and refinement, delivering a rich yet smooth smoke. Select Cuban seed fillers, a Mexican San Andres binder, and a Brazilian Shade wrapper offer an exquisite Cuban-like experience punctuated with walnut, molasses, earth, and toffee notes.


The Monarch is extravagantly rich in character and taste while never overpowering the senses. A beautifully composed blend of Cuban seed long leaf Ligero, Seco, and Volado tobaccos pair with a bold Arapiraca wrapper to create a harmonious experience led by hints of toast and spice with a pleasing oaky undertone.

There’s Satisfaction In a Cayman Cigar

Smoking a hand-rolled premium Cayman island cigar is deliciously satisfying. Yet, with all net profits donated to charity, Cayman cigars offer another level of satisfaction in helping our local community and the world beyond. So, help make a fundamental difference in someone’s life and shop for Cayman Cigar Company today.


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