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World’s First Non-Profit Cigar Company is now in the USA! 

Granger Haugh, CEO of Cayman Cigar Company announced today that cigar aficionados in the United States are now able to order Cayman Cigars online for USPS delivery throughout the United States.  Cayman Cigar Company is the first cigar production company on Grand Cayman, and the first in history to export cigars from the Cayman Islands.  The first shipment was delivered to its Tampa reshipping facility. The Tampa facility will facilitate all orders placed in the United States, while international cigar orders will be filled at the Bodden Town store and shipped via DHL.

The company was formed in 2018 with the goal to produce a 100% Cayman grown cigar. Knowing that growing and processing tobacco is a long process, the company elected to create its first cigar blends with premium Caribbean leaf.

“We’re really excited to bring Grand Cayman’s only premium cigar collection into the United States,” says Granger. “We are confident that cigar lovers throughout the USA will want to try our cigars and discover the fine quality of our tobaccos and the hand rolled craftsmanship of our Torcedoras.”

Like many boutique cigar makers, Cayman Cigar Company is dedicated to preserving the art of hand rolled, top quality cigars made from the world’s finest tobaccos, sourced from sustainable farms, and grown by responsible, passionate farmers. However, a unique difference sets Cayman Cigar apart from other cigar makers. Unlike any other cigar company in the world, Cayman Cigar Company has one mission: To donate 100% of ALL net profits to charity.

Granger notes that the only way to order and enjoy Cayman Cigars is online at where the entire portfolio of cigars is available. We welcome customers to join Cayman Cigar’s private mailing list to be aware of new blends and events in Cayman.

Tobacco is growing in Grand Cayman, at Cayman Cigar Company’s non-profit partner Beacon Farms ( Beacon Farms is evaluating the growing and processing of cigar leaf so that it can meet the goal of producing a super-premium cigar made exclusively from 100% Cayman Islands grown tobaccos. Small crops of high-quality long leaf filler, binder and wrapper tobacco are grown using a combination of old-world traditions and modern technology. The entire “Seed to Cigar” process is closely monitored to ensure only the best tobaccos are cultivated for our future cigars.

You can view the Press Release on this link-

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Scott Haugh

(206) 713-3689 cell, What’s App


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