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What is the best way to cut a cigar? Only you can answer that!

Distinctive aromas, a smooth draw and an even burn are all key components of an enjoyable cigar experience. Worrying about the best way to cut your cigar should not diminish your enjoyment. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to cut a cigar, and the best rule is this: The method you use should be the one that works best for you-it’s that simple! We’ll explain a few traditional methods of cutting, and maybe one or two unconventional ways to enjoy your stick!

Conventional Cigar Cutting Methods

Some often use a flat “Guillotine” type cutter, which provides a quick, clean and precise cut if used properly. Just simply place the tip in the cutter and clip quickly. A slow press on the cutter may crush the tobacco and damage the wrapper. Some traditional cutters have a guard behind the blade, ensuring that just the right amount of the cigar is cut, reducing the chance of nicking the wrapper which could unravel the cigar.

Another method is using a “V” type cutter. These provide exactly what you think; a “V” shaped cut across the cap of the cigar. V-cuts are useful in maintaining most of the cap shape, and some smokers say a V-cut makes for a smoother draw. A V-cut also reduces the chance of cutting into the wrapper, preserving the integrity of the stick.

Yet another conventional approach to cutting is a Cigar Punch. A punch essentially makes a small circle in the cap of the cigar. This also preserves most of the cap, and some say it reduces the amount of tobacco flakes on your tongue! There are reports that a punch method enhances and concentrates flavors, but sometimes makes for a tighter draw.

I want to enjoy a cigar, but I don’t have a cutter! What now?

Not having the traditional cigar cutting tools when you want to enjoy a stick at the last minute is not the end of the world. When it comes to “unconventional” cutting methods and tools, the best utensils are often found in and around your house. Or even on your person! As always, the sharpest edge or blade you can find is best. Whether a (new) single edge razor blade from your toolbox, a steak knife from the kitchen drawer, or a pair of sharp scissors, making a quick, clean cut with these tools will work fine. 

Not close to any of these? No worries. Improvisation is key to cigar enjoyment. Got a clean large nail? A toothpick? The means certainly justify the result: the enjoyment of a cigar, wherever you are, with whatever tool is handy. 

Find yourself stranded with none of the above options? There are a couple “last resort” ways to enjoy your stick. If you have fingernails, make an incision in the cap. Or you can channel your inner Clint Eastwood and use your teeth to bite a small piece of the cap, just like the Old West! These last two methods will not be pretty, but they’ll get the job done. 

Whichever cutting method you choose (or last resort you have), relax and enjoy your cigar. That’s what it’s all about!


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