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Premium Cigars That Make No Apology

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Cayman Cigar Company is home to premium cigars, hand-rolled for cigar lovers who demand the best. Our pursuit of quality reflects our commitment to sourcing the best local tobaccos and making small quantities of cigars. We will not compromise quality and taste when creating the finest handmade cigars in the world. So, join us as we explore what sets our cigars. This is apart from others and how you can try Cayman cigars to taste the difference for yourself.

What is a Premium Cigar?

Premium cigars are the best way to enjoy the world’s top tobacco, yet how is a premium cigar different? There are various cigar types, each offering a different level of quality and experience. However, only premium cigars offer the perfect combination of quality construction, complexity, smoothness, and taste. 

The main components of a premium cigar include:

  • 100% long-filler tobacco
  • Whole-leaf wrapper
  • Handmade construction
  • Aged and humidified 

These components ensure the best possible draw, smoothest smoke, and most enjoyable overall experience. In contrast, machine-made cigars often combine a mixture of short-filler or chopped tobacco with other ingredients. Often additional flavoring is there to hide the poor quality of the tobacco. The result is an inferior, less satisfying smoke. While lesser-quality cigars are easier on the wallet, they do not deliver the same lasting experiences as high-quality premium cigars.

Are Hand Rolled Cigars Better?

Handcrafted cigars are indeed more expensive than their machine-made counterparts, yet there is simply no substitute for quality. Quality tobaccos are bunched, shaped, and rolled with a combination of precision and artistic grace that machines cannot match. This is based on the hands of an experienced cigar roller or Torcedor.

The results are expertly crafted cigars that smoke smoother and deliver an overall quality of smoke. These are cigars that machine-made cigars fail to offer. In addition, smoking a cigar that has been hand-rolled by artisans at the peak of their abilities provides a greater sense of satisfaction that other lesser cigars cannot provide. 

Why is Cayman Cigar Company the Best Option?

At Cayman Cigar Company, we pride ourselves on offering a perfect synthesis of tobacco blending. This includes construction, and aging, to ensure a profoundly complex and gratifying cigar smoking experience. However, there is much more to Cayman cigars that set them apart from any other cigars available today. 

Home is Where the Heart is

Cayman Cigar Company chairman Granger Haugh and co-founder John Lemuel “Lem” Hurlston share a passion for charitable giving and a love for the Cayman Islands. With Granger’s son, Scott serving as Director, we are fulfilling our mission to craft world-class cigars and make a difference for those in need. As we continue to evolve a Cayman-grown tobacco program, we proudly share the joyous Cayman Islands spirit with cigar smokers worldwide.

All Net Profits Go Towards Charity

Our mission is to create the best cigars in the world and help those in need. We are proud that Cayman Cigar Company is the first premium cigar company to give 100% of net profits to charitable organizations. However, that’s only part of the story. Cayman cigars are born out of the collective efforts to improve future generations. Mainly by our tobacco-growing team at Beacon Farms, our master blenders, cigar rollers, and our charitable partners. Every Cayman cigar you purchase is helping build a better tomorrow for those with developmental disorders. Moreover those in recovery, U.S. veterans, and our youth. 

Handcrafted Cigars Created by Cigar Masters

At the core of each Cayman cigar are luxurious tobaccos. The blending and assembling by cigar-making experts share a love of innovation and passion for quality. Headed by Cuban-trained master rollers Barbara Anselmo Garcia Petrie and Maria Delvis Hernandez, we are humbled to have one of the best cigar-making teams in the world today. Our team works with top tobacco farmers to select tobacco from only the best tobacco-growing regions. These aged tobaccos are blended and rolled under rigorous quality control standards that ensure each Cayman cigar delivers a superb smoke worthy of being the world’s finest.

The unique Cayman character, high-quality construction, and charitable contributions that each Cayman cigar offers make for an exceptional value and wholly gratifying experience. Cayman Cigar Company has set the bar for what handcrafted cigars should and ought to be.

How to Purchase Cayman Cigars

Suppose you cannot stop by our shop in Grand Cayman, not to worry. Purchasing Cayman cigars online has never been easier. Search our online Cayman Cigar Company shop to find the Cayman cigars right for you. Each cigar line offers exceptional quality and uniquely satisfying smokes you’ll find nowhere else. Then, browse our Cayman cigar collections to learn about each blend and its smoking characteristics. 

Choose from the smooth and tasty Sovereign No. 1, the mellow “something for everyone” Sovereign No. 2, or the deliciously bold Sovereign No. 3. Or try the compact-sized Caravel, the exquisite Cuban-esque Diplomat, or the beautifully balanced and complex Monarch. Simply select a cigar size and choose from a variety of packaging options. Then add to the cart and check out. That is all there is to it. 

Taste The Cayman Difference

The Cayman Cigar Company’s mission is to create the finest premium cigars and help those in need. Period. Our dedicated team proudly offers you the best possible cigar-smoking adventures money can buy. So, treat yourself to the best while giving a helping hand and shop Cayman Cigars today.


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